DID YOU KNOW: Rainbow Trout feed primarily on bugs and flies on top of the water.

DESCRIPTION: The size of an adult Rainbow Trout can go anywhere around 2 feet in length. They can weigh anywhere from 6-10 lbs with bigger rainbows being over 10lbs.

LIFE CYCLE: Like salmon, steelheads are anadromous: they return to their original hatching ground to spawn. The steelhead fingerlings remain in the river for about a year before heading to the lake. Different steelhead populations migrate upriver at different times of the year. “Summer-run steelheads” migrate between May and October, before their reproductive organs are fully mature. They mature in freshwater before spawning in the spring. “Winter-run steelheads” mature fully in the lake before migrating, between November and April, and spawn shortly after returning. The maximum recorded life-span for a rainbow trout is 11 years.

State Record: 27 lbs 2oz

World Record: 43 lbs 7oz


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